Scans per Negative - 35mm/120

Scans per Negative - 35mm/120

from 2.00

price is per frame.

low res scans at 4.5mb/300dpi

high res scans at 18mb/300dpi

scans are burned on CD unless customer provides usb

FTP at no additional cost (customer will receive scans via WeTransfer)

CRC will gladly rescan any roll that is not to your satisfaction. a claim must be made 5 business days from date received/picked up.

type of film:
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shipping options include :

nyc drop off and/or pick up - customer drops off film and picks up order

customer ships to and from crc - customer ships to us and provides a return shipping label for order

usps priority mail (2-3 days) - we ship order back to customer via usps priority mail

usps media mail (3-7 days) - we ship order back to customer via usps media mail