Process + Scans E6/120

Process + Scans E6/120

from 15.75

e6 (chrome) film is processed using refrema's dip and dunk machine

e6 is processed standard without color dye applied after processing

options available :

film cut or uncut

low res scans at 4.5mb/300dpi

high res scans at 18mb/300dpi

scans are burned on CD unless customer provides usb

FTP at no additional cost (customer will receive scans via WeTransfer)

push and pull from -2 to +2 (at no additional cost)


this item is not eligible for returns. in case of a blank roll, partial refund will be issued for additional services such as cut & sleeve, scans and/or cost of return shipping when applicable. 

CRC will gladly rescan any roll that is not to your satisfaction. a claim must be made 5 business days from date received/picked up.

ftp / cd:
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shipping options include :

nyc drop off and/or pick up - customer drops off film and picks up processed film

customer ships to and from crc - customer ships to us and provides a return shipping label for processed film

usps priority mail (2-3 days) - we ship processed film back to customer via usps priority mail

usps media mail (3-7 days) - we ship processed film back to customer via usps media mail