FLAT ART + FILM scanning

we offer high quality flatbed scans for photographs and flat artwork for archival, web-ready and print-ready files

for high quality film scans intended for large format printing, we offer high-res scanning using a imacon scanner.

standard turnaround time is 48hrs (monday-friday). time subject to change depending on quantity of scans

all scans are free of dust and scratches.

options include rgb or cmyk file

largest flat artwork size available to scan is 11x17"

we offer high quality scans on flat artwork and 35mm, 120, 220, 4x5 and 8x10 film

visit our scan resolution guide to find the best file size for your scan


file size price
5 MB $15
10 MB $20
25 MB $35
35 MB $45
50 MB $55
100 MB $65


file size price
10 MB $10
20 MB $20
35 MB $30
50 MB $40
75 MB $60
100 MB $75
150 MB $120
250 MB $180
500 MB $300

for pricing on scans larger than 500mb, please contact us

CRC will gladly rescan any negative that is not to your satisfaction. 

A claim must be made 5 business days from date received/picked up through customer service.